These are some FAQ about the services we provide as a digital marketing agency here in Manta, Ecuador.


-What does SEO stand for?

+Search Engine Optimization.

-What is SEO?

+It is the maximization of the number of visitors that come to any website by having the website rank towards the top of search results. For example, if you searched online for websites involving the word “kitten,” having a good SEO specialist could make the difference of having your site pop up as the first kitten website in the search results.

-How do SEOs work?

+Search engines parcel through websites, ranking them on things such as keywords they mention and how user-friendly they are to provide what will likely be the most relevant search results first. No one wants to find junky spam sites up top when they’re looking for something!

-Who can use SEO?

+Absolutely anyone and everyone on the internet! SEOs are like keywords, they help people search for whatever webpage you are hosting or participating in! 

-How can SEOs benefit my company?

+SEOs will not only make it easier for your audience to find you in searches, but will make your brand more reputable as it will be seen as a high-ranking, safe site. 

-Do I really need SEOs?

+It depends. If your website is one you don’t want to be seen, then no- but we don’t put things on the internet to keep them to ourselves, now do we?

-How are your SEOs better than other companies?

+Our SEO specialists are trained to help you optimize your site in search result rankings. Any SEO company will do this, but our specialists have many years of experience and work hard to ensure you get your money’s worth.

-I’m not from Ecuador, why should I outsource my SEO specialist?

+Since all of the work SEO specialists do is being done online, rather than in person, you can hire the best of the best remotely and not need to worry about where they are physically located! 

-How much does Impulso cost?

+Our premium Package is $699. 

-How much time do I have to book in advance?

+All calls must be booked at least 24 hours in advance to give our specialists time to conduct research for the client. In doing our research first, our specialists save you time and money and can be fully prepared to discuss your business needs. 

-How much does it cost to hire an SEO specialist in general?

+It depends. SEO specialists vary depending on many factors such as experience, but on average you can expect to pay around $80-$130 per hour for a generic specialist. Again, this depends on who you hire, and can also increase if it’s a continual hire, rather than a one-time service. Here at Impulso coaching, we are a high-end service, so you are paying more for higher quality results.

-How can I find an SEO service in Ecuador?

+Search engines themselves are your friend here! You can find many SEO specialists online. It is important to find ones with reviews and/or portfolios of their work so you can get a feel for what they can do for your company, but all in all, tech websites such as Netcom EC or Del Infosolution have plenty of local SEO specialists based in Ecuador ready for hire!

-What are some good websites on which I can find SEO specialists?

+Freelancing sites, such as Fiverr, freelancer, people per hour, SEO clerks or Upwork, are a great tool in terms of finding SEO specialists, especially for an affordable/negotiable price. 

-I’m not good with social media, what can I do to keep clients coming in?

+Impulso understands that in this day and age social media is a necessary branding tool. We not only offer coaching on increasing traffic through social media platforms, but can take over the social media management for those who would prefer to hand it over to a professional.

-How long will it take to get a quote?

+We strive to answer all new inquiries within 24 hours of submission.

-What other services do you provide?

+We provide ORM (online reputation management), SEO, coaching and both corporate and personal branding services, lead generation, copywriting, content creation, social media marketing, website building, product promotion, Kindle, Fiverr and Craigslist marketing, ad set-ups for sites such as Facebook and Google Ads, and more!

-Where can I study digital marketing in Ecuador?

+There are many places to study digital marketing in Ecuador such as: Centrico Digital, Tebusco, JK Group Digital, Webcorp, and Helicoid. A more comprehensive, up-to-date list can be found at

-What languages do you provide services in?

Currently we provide services in English and Spanish. 

-Where does the consultation take place?

+ Client consultation take place virtually through either Skype or Zoom. Please make sure your microphone and webcam are working prior to the call and be prepared to tell the specialist what goals you would like to work on in regards to your site.

-How long is the consultation?

+Consultation calls are 45 minutes.

-What program tools do the specialists utilize?

+The specialists use Authority Labs, Raven, Grammarly, Junglescout, Article Builder, Spin Rewriter, Tera Peak, PickToChart, Indexification, PicMonkey, Video Blocks, Audio Blocks, GraphicStock, Wordai, Spyfu, Freshdrop, GetStensil, Storybase, Cbengine, Lucidchart, Keywordeye, Ispionage, Buzzsumo, StockUnlimited, Woorank, Serpstat, Keyword Revealer, Article Forge, SeoProfiler, Picovico, Majestics, Ahrefs, Moz.

-How soon can I expect results?

Online growth depends on many factors. The online coaching session happens fairly immediately, but following up with our specialist’s advice is critical to encouraging an increase in online traffic. 

-What does the survey consist of?

+The survey we send out to clients prior to our consultation is to get an idea about your site, and/or business needs. We strive to offer the very best in terms of helping our clients brand themselves, so we use this survey to conduct research as to how to best help you. This is a great opportunity for clients to list any questions they may have about how to better market their business or about how our process works. 

-Is this one of those pay-for-followers type sites?

+ No, here at Impulso we work on optimizing your site to increase organic traffic. 

-How often should I be updating my website?

+It is important to be putting out new content every week since search engines are constantly raking through sites to refresh rankings. We here ar Impulso offer different options to help you manage the upkeep.

-What is Lead Generation?

+Lead generation is the process of generating new leads for your business. 

-What is a ‘spider?’

+In online terminology, a “spider,” “crawler,” or a “bot” is a program that automatically goes through the internet and scours through websites, collecting information from them to decide where to rank each site in search engine listings.

-What is a “call to action?”

+A “call to action” is urging your audience to take action, triggering them to engage with your business.

-Do I need to know code to keep up with my website’s SEO myself?

You do not need to know how to code to utilize basic search engine optimization. There are definitely parts of SEO that require an understanding of coding, but here at Impulso we give our clients the tools to maintain their sites on their own should they choose to go that route.

-How is SEO changing?

+With mobile devices being ever-present in our lives, mobile and voice searches now greatly affect rankings, making it prudent to have fast mobile-friendly sites to rank higher in search results.

-I still have questions!

+All questions that have not been answered above can be submitted through our contact form.

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