Hi, welcome to my site, my name is Bruno Maiorana. I’m a teacher, writer, translator and SEO expert. Feel free to Google my name for more info about me, my books and my recent projects.

Impulso Coaching is a results-driven coaching and digital marketing agency based in the small town of Santa Marianita, on the Pacific coast of Ecuador.

I proud myself in delivering conversion-optimized websites, tailored growth strategies and digital marketing solutions for socially-conscious organizations and businesses.

Other services I provide include KDP marketing and reviews, lead generation, content marketing, copywriting,  and most importantly, coaching, so that you can learn to take your business to the next level yourself without having to spend thousands on a digital marketing agency.

I design and deliver campaigns that will make an impression because I am aware that your business is your baby, and wIenjoy challenges! There are no rules, drama, contracts or any kind of bureucratic procedures; just me, going the extra mile to deliver results.

To get started, drop me a line to seoulunlimited (at) gmail (dot) com, with your marketing needs. I will evaluate it and get back to you with a quote and a proposal in less than 24 hours. 

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